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The Welcome Offer

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  • What is
    • is the top website for deals and discounts by subscription you can save over 75AED every week and all that just for only 2.25 AED per day (inclusive of 5% VAT - (Etisalat) or 9 AED weekly (inclusive of 5% VAT - DU) .
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    • Find all the current discounts on e-commerce websites before purchasing items on the internet to make the most of the best deals there are on couponing websites so you can save money on your purchases. You can also earn money thanks to our refunds. Cashbacks allow you to get back some of the amount of your order on your Paypal account.
  • What are the benefits of becoming a member of
    • Check our website before purchasing items on the internet. You can find all current discounts for e-commerce websites, as well as deals offered by couponing websites. Don’t miss out on a great deal! As well as fantastic deals that allow you to save money, we can help you earn money too! Thanks to cashbacks, we give you back some of the duty-free amount on selected websites, and finally, exclusive to we give you back 75 AED every month on everyday items (food shopping, petrol, beauty products…)
  • I have a question about, who do I speak to?
    • If you have an unanswered question after looking at our Frequently Asked Questions, you can contact Customer Service by email at